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COMMITTEES​ - We appreciate Friends members who volunteer*.

We are revamping our committees: watch for emails & notices.

We require volunteers to be paid members.
Membership Committee:  Domenica English - Chair
1.  Coordinates with Membership Chairman in processing: annual renewal mailing (each year) one day with a group preparing mailing documents, stuffing envelopes, etc. (2 hours or less).

2.  As Friends Treasurer receives membership payments, the information is forwarded to the Membership Committee which processes the membership/mails the membership cards, thank you notes, follow up "thank you" phone calls. will order supplies as needed, Coordinate with Communications on notices/information to be published. as needed.

3. Membership lists are maintained and shared monthly with the President, Vice-President and an updated spreadsheet shared with Communications Chair for update of Constant Contact emailing's.


Correspondence Support Subcommittee: Friends Secretary (Bonnie Peterson) will be assisting with donations processing:  thank you notes, follow up "thank you" phone calls.


Membership Records Coordinator - Fred Kennedy:

Processes membership applications and payments. Coordinates and maintains spreadsheet data for member records and payment of annual dues. Balances accounting with Treasurer.

Donations and Memorials Subcommittee:

Responds to donor inquiries to document their thoughts/requests/plans, etc. and present to Executive Board and Library for approval.  Once plan is approved, arrange for presentation event if requested (date, refreshments, etc.)

and provides event date, times, and requirements to Special Events subcommittee for preparing meeting room for the one-day event. 

Membership Sales and Marketing - Subcommittee:

plans for/staffs membership sales at Friends' events such as book sales, author programs, annual meetings.


Used Bookstore Committee- Birdie O'Brien & Pauline Crenshaw - Co Chairs 
Volunteers will be trained on procedures. Specific hours/days.
Requires attention to detail, standing for long periods, moving heavy loads of books onto book carts, shelves (high and low), working with a group.

Programs -  - Chair

Assistance with recruiting authors and speakers, provides event date, times, and requirements to Special Events subcommittee for preparing meeting room for the one-day event, providing publicity information/photos to Communications for publishing event, assisting speaker as needed.

Communications and Special Projects - Anne Jamison - Chair

Assistance with updates to various platforms:  website, Constant Contact, Facebook, etc.  Assist with copy preparation, editing, etc. 

Community Relations:

Community Relations nurtures connections with individuals and businesses or organizations that help support the Friends organizational goals through major donations and works personally with local business owners to establish rapport and ongoing partnerships in supporting the Friends within the community.

Who are Friends Ambassadors?

Would you like to help the Friends of the Del Webb Library connect with your friends and neighbors? 

We are looking for neighborhood residents, in and around the Indian Land area (over 73 communities), who would like to share information about Friends events with their neighbors and with friends in nearby neighborhoods, by way of:

  • Following Friends of the Del Webb Library on Facebook to learn about the Friends,

  • sharing Facebook posts with their neighbors and friends on their community Facebook page,

  • talking with neighbors about upcoming Friends activities and events (Bingo, book sales, etc.),

  • sharing the Friends website


Please share this information with a neighbor whom you feel would be a good Friends Ambassador or work along with you as a team of Ambassadors for your neighborhood.

There is NO REQUIREMENT to join the Friends organization.   We simply want to expand information to the Indian Land area, and we believe the best way to do this is by working with the people of each neighborhood directly.   You know YOUR neighborhood and who you feel would be interested.

If you would like to be a Friends Ambassador, simply email our ambassadors coordinator,

William Jameson, at

Please include the following:   your name, your best contact email, and the name of your community.

Friends Benefits for Members subcommittee-  tbd

Volunteers are needed to assist with reviewing and updating our Benefit info. - please contact the business to confirm current status, business hours, etc.  If you have a favorite business or restaurant, ask them to support the Friends by signing a Friends Benefits Discount Agreement.  You can print one online, complete the form and return it to the Friends at the Del Webb Library.  Note: all agreements require approval by the Friends Executive Board.  We reserve the right to limit the businesses. 

Special Events (1 day) subcommittee - Bonnie Peterson

Under the cooperation and guidance of the person in charge of the event, this committee will assist with one-day events, coordinating volunteers, arranging for refreshments, etc. 

Grants and Major Donations subcommittee - Research, prepare and submit grant applications for Friends organization project need funding.  Plans projects to foster major donations from businesses, corporations, encouraging bequeathed endowments, etc.

        Publicity subcommittee 

Publicity is key to getting information to our community in a timely and efficient manner.  The Publicity subcommittee, of Communications/Community Relations, is responsible for published materials, contacts with local communications outlets (newspapers, TV, radio, etc.).   

Main duties include:

Recruit key volunteer leadership and solicitors for the organization's publicity projects

Work closely with the Communications/Community Relations in publicizing Friends activities, events, and public acknowledgement of major donations and grant awards to support Friends fund raising projects.

Oversee print production.






SECRETARY - BONNIE PETERSON     Compiles/records/maintains meeting minutes, assists with Friends correspondence,


TREASURER - JUDY TERRELL, - Maintains/reports Friends organization's financial operations, payments and records. Duties include tax responsibility. Reports to the Executive Board.


*Each committee chair should maintain an up-to-date list of their volunteers and verify hours worked when they participate in an activity.

Our long time President, Mary Last, has been selected as the 2020 recipient of the prestigious Advocacy Award presented annually by our state governing body, the Friends of South Carolina Libraries (FOSCAL).                

😍We were able to present the award to her with social distancing outside the library.

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