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         Going Up: Third Floor, Karma: A nonfiction love story involving mysterious events

                                                            by Lorraine Russell and Thomas Russell


It is late 1984 in Taipei, and a series of unplanned events are at play. You may call them karmic forces or perhaps supernatural, but whatever they are, Tom and Lorraine are destined to meet. They become friends, then lovers, and finally discover that their pasts and futures are intertwined.

This is a nonfiction narrative written from two different perspectives. Two Americans meet in Taiwan, immersed in the cultural, political, and commercial ethos of Asia. Our protagonists, both in Asia on unrelated business trips, meet on a crowded elevator when she blurts out a quiet expletive-laced statement.

However, this novel is much more than a love story. It provides the reader with evidence that unplanned happenings often push you in a positive direction.

Their philosophies about life could not be more different. Lorraine is a gifted designer with a strong spiritual practice who meditates regularly. Though she is very attracted to Tom, a pragmatic engineer, she worries her beliefs may negatively affect his feelings towards her.

After a week together in Taiwan, they spend a magical weekend in Hong Kong where they experience events that further cement their spiritual and emotional bond.

When they part, practical Tom begins questioning how he could fall in love in only a few days. Then he realizes his recurrent dream provides proof they are connected by a relationship many hundreds of years earlier.

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