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 We hope you enjoyed our past events:

  - 11/6/23 About the Book… Lost and Found 

 Valerie Fortier, a New England native, graduated from American International College (AIC) in Springfield, Massachusetts and studied Accounting at Northeastern University.  Her career included Office Manager of several companies and she was the Corporate Relocation Services Director at a large Atlanta real estate firm for eighteen years until her retirement.  Her interests are varied.  Valerie is an enthusiastic playwright and is the Director of a dramatic club that features table readings of original scripts.  Several of her plays have been performed.  In addition, she is an active member of the local Duplicate Bridge Club, the Performing Arts Club and the Writers Guild in her community.  Valerie makes her home in the metro Charlotte area with her husband Dennis.  They have two grown sons, Jeremy, and Andy.



 - Going Up: Third Floor, Karma: A nonfiction love story involving mysterious events by Lorraine Russell and Thomas Russell  

   - 6/10/23 Amy Clipston: her latest Amish and contemporary books, including why she is writing contemporaries: her inspiration, etc.


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