Friends Membership Clarifications:

We have recently been questioned by some of our business partners as to what is acceptable regarding Friends of the Del Webb Library Membership Cards.  Only valid membership cards may be accepted by business partners for discounts.


There seems to be some confusion with individuals showing library, as well as other types of cards, in order to be able take advantage of our many great benefits. Please see a copy of our Membership Card below.


This is the ONLY card that should be shown to, and accepted by, our business partners. We will also be meeting with our business partners in order to help them to better understand our policy.


Please also note: Membership cards are non-transferable and may not be reproduced or copied. Membership cards are only valid for the current circled year upon payment of dues, and multiple year memberships are not sold or awarded.



We are currently contacting our discount partners.  Some not on the Aug 2021 list may still offer their discount.  We are contacting them all this month.